The Mediation Process

A mediator will guide you step by step through the process, thus eliminating some of the uncertainty that can create fear and anger.  First, we will gather all pertinent information and analyze your unique situation. Then, we will identify your interests and create a sensible plan to moving forward.  During the process, you will gain the knowledge needed to make the hard decisions.

The benefits of the mediation process outweigh the benefits of the litigation process for most people. Mediation costs less, takes less time, leaves you in control, and keeps children out of the courts. Litigation breeds distrust and puts a judge in charge of your future. With mediation you stay in control and are able to keep your money and your relationship in check while still getting the outcome you need.

Why Mediation?


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Amber L. Leach at A.L.L. Mediation Services is dedicated to providing you with the expertise and guidance needed to make informed decisions about your future.  The mediation process is personally simplified for you to make the right decisions in an objective manner without the clouding of emotional turmoil.